Konstruktor - Trag u vremenu i prostoru


Roads, motorways

Our experience and expertise, professional teams and modern machinery embedded in every major road project offer our customers every safety in rewarding such projects.

Tunnels, underground structures

Our advanced use of most modern technology and work organization may guarantee our exceptionally successful performance of excavations and equipment for the road and hydro-technical tunnels and underground structures within hydraulic engineering projects.

Bridges, road facilities

Since 1993 when we started construction of the Maslenica Bridge we have improved necessary equipment and machinery, our staff and its experience in the construction of all types of road facilities.

Power supply structures

Ever since 1950s the construction of facilities for the electrical power supply has continued to be another key differentiator.

Utilities and submarine works

Since 1950 we have been continuously involved in the construction of water supply and sewerage projects as well as those associated with the environmental protection.

Residential and business development

In the last several years the activities in the high-rise sector moved from dwelling to residential-business developments and shopping centers.

Industrial buildings

The share of industrial buildings in our portfolio is rather low and the most important buildings of this type primarily involve varied production facilities for the cement industry.

Building related to health, culture and social care

Since 1987 we have been engaged in the construction, reconstruction and extension of various sacral structures, educational facilities and similar buildings.