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Business profile

KONSTRUKTOR-SPLIT was founded in 1945 as the first construction company in the Region of Dalmatia, Croatia.

The first years of its operations were marked with reconstruction works for residential, industrial, infrastructure and other types of facilities which were widely damaged in the World War II.

Corporate headquarters of Konstruktor inženjering d.d. Split
d.d. Split

In the early 1990s, Croatia experienced fundamental changes in its social, political and economic systems which greatly affected the organization of the company. Consequently, KONSTRUKTOR went public a shareholding company under the name of KONSTRUKTOR-INŽENJERING d.d. Split.

In the years to follow the company has been continually engaged in the construction of motorways, tunnels, bridges and other road facilities. Included here are also many water supply and sewerage systems, maritime works and other civil structures.

Therefore, the company expanded its activities, both bidding and contracting in many other countries. The ongoing projects are in Qatar, Turkey, Slovakia, Albania, Alger, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Sultanate of Oman, Bulgaria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Kosovo, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia.

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It is characteristic for the Company that it approaches any new project with previous thorough and careful technical preparations and work organization per each phase of proposed works and the choice of an optimum solution to apply during construction. It is not infrequent that our engineers propose changes in the design in order to lower the project price, shorten the completion period and improve safety.

Since 2006 KONSTRUKTOR is a holder of ISO 9001:2000 Certificate (from 2010. it is ISO 9001:2008!). In 2007 the Company was awarded the License by the Ministry of Environment, Physical Planning and Construction for the performance of works in the construction industry. To provide safety of our people and work, we organize and implement all necessary safety measures to guarantee safe work environment. We have developed particular methodology to apply thereto.


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