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We are happy to inform you about our business results and the reasons why KONSTRUKTOR remained in the top rank of the Croatian building industry and the Croatian economy as a whole.

We successfully participated in the construction of the national motorway network from Zagreb to Split and Rijeka, Slovenian and Hungarian borders and to Lipovac in the east.

In 2008 we completed the Rijeka-Zagreb Motorway and made good progress to Dubrovnik through hard Dalmatian rocky terrain undertaking works for the road route, bridges and tunnels up to the village of Ravče being the last section completed of the Zagreb-Split-Dubrovnik Motorway. The works for motorway construction in Croatia will extend in the years to follow. Also, we expanded the activities abroad so that the construction of a large road interchange in Qatar neared completion. This project is a good start for other motorway projects that have been planned in this country. We have made steady progress on some other important infrastructure projects in Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Alger etc.

Our technical and other related units have been involved in booking new projects outside Croatia and our reputation gained at our numerous sites encouraged us that we look to the future with confidence. Besides the projects mentioned above, we also completed at home the Spaladium Sports Arena in Split, the extension and reconstruction of KBC Rebro Hospital in Zagreb, the project of extension of the Dubrovnik Port and a great number of other bussines and residential projects in Zagreb.

Strength and high level of education of our staff continued as a hallmark of our business policy. Out of the total employed, 12% account for university degree staff. By rationalization of investment in the machinery and equipment we maintained a high level of our production resources. Our production plants accounted for high share in the total revenues and represent hallmarks of our stability at the market.

We also focused on keeping good and friendly relationships with other building contractors and took best efforts by our technological and organizational innovations as significant improvement in the way customers view us. In the pages to follow, you will obtain sufficient information about our strong performance and our history.

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