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Dugobabe Plant

Production Plant DUGOBABE

is located in the village of Dugobabe, Klis adjacent to the Konjsko – Lećevica local road. This is a stone pit covering an area of 21.5 hectares.

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The main activities:

  1. Quarrying of building stone and production of all sizes of stone aggregate for concrete and asphalt. The capacity of the stationary plant and a mobile machine is 100 t/h
  2. Production of concrete and mortar with a capacity of 30m3/h. All types and grades of concrete are available ranging from Grade 5 for rolled concrete to Grade 70 for high durability concrete. There is a choice of possibilities to use admixtures to concrete to allow more time for placing concrete and its transportation up to 200km distances. Within this plant boundaries is a laboratory for testing and quality control of materials,
  3. Concrete blocks for masonry,
  4. Asphalt base with a capacity of 180t/h.

Employees: 55 in 2004.

Output of aggregates for concrete and asphalt amounted to 360,000 tons and the total deliveries of stone materials including those for base-course formation and filling amounted to 650,000 tons.

Total output of concrete blocks for masonry was 100,000.
Approximately 60% of total output of stone aggregates and masonry blocks accounted for internal uses and the rest for sales to third parties.

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