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Sirobuja Plant

Production plant SIROBUJA

Sirobuja Plant is situated in the eastern part of the town of Split north of the Split – Omiš Road to which it is connected by a suitable access road. The facility covers an area of 22,500m2.

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The main activities are:

  1. Production of concrete and mortar: all types and grades of concrete are available ranging from Grade 5 for rolled concrete to Grade 70 for high durability concrete. There is a choice of possibilities to use admixtures to concrete to allow more time for placing concrete and its transportation up to 200km distances. Also available are concrete mixtures for specific purposes such as lightweight concrete, fiber reinforced concrete and jet concrete. Mortars are produced for masonry and plasterwork with the addition of a retarder, as well as grouting materials. The concrete plant has a capacity of 60 m3/h
  2. Main laboratory for regular testing of concrete and materials used for its preparation, as well as for geo-mechanical testing
  3. Cutting and bending of steel reinforcement with a capacity of 1,200 t/month
  4. Production of reinforced concrete precast units: curbs and fenders for roads and structural components for buildings subject to customers' orders
  5. Mechanical and sheet metal services for the needs of the own plants, sites and for sales to third parties
  6. Transportation services
  7. Formwork production
  8. Central warehouse for storing materials and equipment and delivery to the sites

Number of employees: 127 in 2004.

The output of concrete in 2004 was 72,100m3.

Quantities and range of products are dictated by the own needs with a tendency to substantially
increase the sales to third parties.

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