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Srinjine Plant

Production plant SRINJINE

is located 15km east of Split adjacent to the Žrnovnica – Gata local road. This is a stone pit covering an area of 83 hectares. The main activity is quarrying of building stone and production of all sizes of stone aggregate for concrete and asphalt. Its capacity is 150t/h.

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Besides stone aggregate, in its range of products the following is included:

  1. crushed stone for rock fills and rubble mounds,
  2. granular stone (blinding layer) for load-bearing courses in the road construction,
  3. pulverized stone (filler).

Quality control of base-course materials and fillers is also provided during production for furnishing the required test certificates.

Other stone materials are also available such as stone for construction of rock fills and rubble mounds.

Capacity: 150t/h of different sized aggregates and 200t/h of stone material for base-courses. Filler production accounts for 250t/day in dry weather and approx. 100t/day in wet period.

Other stone materials may be produced and delivered as ordered.

Employees: Over a 10-year period a decrease from 50 to 40 in 2004.

Output and deliveries: the output of stone aggregate for concrete and asphalt in 2004 was
420,000t or 10% greater than in 2003, out of which approx. 50% was intended for KONSTRUKTOR’s own needs and the rest for sales.
Besides, 78,000 tons of base-course material was produced for the needs of road construction.

The total output of all stone materials in 2004 was more than 560,000 tons.

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